The Society Awards

The Background: Congratulations, you have been nominated for the annual Society Awards, due to your contributions to society, and your being a general all round nice person. However there is a little police business to attend to before your banquet. The banquet organiser Mr I M Pretender has stolen the trophy and the winners envelope. Please report to Detective Doodle to see if you can assist him in finding the trophy and saving the day.

How does this work? We bring everything to your venue and run a clue style party. You just need a room with a flat surface to work on, and enough space for all the people to fit around. It also helps if there are a few other pieces of furniture around the room for us to utilise. Participants are assisted throughout the activity to ensure a positive outcome. It is designed that there is some kind of award ceremony afterwards, so best to do the activity first, then have a sit down with the cake / snacks / tea coffee or whatever else you have planned, where we can do the announcement.

How many people can be involved? We would suggest that the event has about 6 – 12 people. That should be enough to finish the activities in a reasonable amount of time, but not too many that people are sitting around with nothing to do.

Who is this for? The Society Awards is suitable for children 8 and older, all the way up to adults, there is some reading to be done, so they need to be able to get through that. It is suitable for Kids Parties, Youth Groups, Business functions, Team Building, basically any excuse to get together with a group of friends or colleagues. Although the below are just suggestions, you are welcome to select the level of difficulty you require.
Society Awards Kids: This is probably for 8 – 12 year olds. Some of the more difficult puzzles are removed, while some of the other puzzles, are simplified for growing minds.
Society Awards Teens: This is probably for 13 – 16 year olds. All of the puzzles are included, although some of them are still at an easier level than the adults.
Society Awards Adult: This is probably for 17 years and up. All puzzles are included, and some of them are at a more difficult level.
Society Awards – Police Academy: This is for those who need a challenge. Thanks to the efforts of others, the Society Awards Mystery has been solved and is now a Police Academy training exercise. This is the highest difficulty level, but you are tied or handcuffed together, and need to solve a series of puzzles to get yourself out, or alternatively try solve the training exercise tied up. There may also be some extra puzzles, or other frustrations to deal with. Not for the faint hearted.

What does it cost? Daytime bookings are R1000. Evening bookings are R1500. Transport costs can be found on the Bookings Page as they are not event specific.

This all sounds great. What next? Why not head over to our Bookings Page and make sure we are on the same page. Alternatively, live on the wild side, just go right ahead and book through the Society Awards Booking Form

I have done this before can I do it again? Sadly, if you have done it before, there is not enough we can change to make it a great day for you. We are working on another set of puzzles to give you another try, or to extend it to a bigger group, but we are not there yet. Why not check back with us at another time.

So I read this far, and I still have a question? Sure, why not Talk to Us, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.