Why we love Pokemon TGC – 13 Reasons to Play (Part 2 of 5)

So if you stumbled upon this and missed part 1, then please read Pokemon Cards? Help I am a Parent, will help to put all this into context. Here are 13 reasons (I can think of right now) to play Pokemon TCG.

1 – First and Foremost, it is just plain fun, as a game should be. The cards are cute, the gameplay is exciting, the outcome can be surprising. Players can get lost in the peripheral activities, like trading and deck building, for hours.

2 – Pokemon cards rely on Health Points (HP) and in the course of the game, a player needs to make numerous Mental Arithmetic Calculations, both addition, subtraction, multiplication and to a much lesser degree division. Mental arithmetic has numerous researched benefits, and builds a confidence of working with numbers.

3 – The complexity of the game is added by the instructions on each card. Reading Comprehension is required to be able to apply what one reads, to effectively execute your strategy. The nuances of the instructions will assist in development of reading comprehension.

4 – Pokemon TCG is just like chess. There are weaker cards, stronger cards, times to attack, times to create defense and the Strategy Planning and Risk Assessment that underpins that, is a life skill not taught in our schooling systems. Planning and executing a game strategy,

5 – The game has two methods of Random Chance, in the fact that you draw a card every turn, and some actions require a coin flip. This random chance can turn the game on it’s head, and often impacts the strategy planning, and creates the need for the player to think on their feet.

6 – Pokemon has the possibility to appeal to the video gamer, whose anti-social impacts are well documented. Social Interaction, sitting opposite a real person, plugs one into the real world, it dictates your behaviour and improves the experience.

7 – At the start of a game, you shake a hand, there is acknowledgement of another human being on the other side of the table. How you respond, how you play is the development of your own sportsmanship, and there is feedback from the other player. At JustBlink events, we ensure that Sportsmanship Development is a high priority.

8 – It’s a great way to Spend Time With Your Kids. So many of the adult players got into Pokemon TCG by playing with their Children. In a modern age where digital devices are seperating so many families, Pokemon TCG can be a great tool to interact with your children. All the skill developments on this page, can also be starting points for discussing and developing life skills with your children.

9 – Pokemon have put a lot of effort into developing the Pokemon Community, ensuring there are local places to play and interact. It is a great opportunity to develop a community, in an age where community bonds are shattering as isolation into our own castles increases. Getting together with some regular faces, or bring your own faces to regular meet ups.

10 – Pokemon cards are released in collections, about 200 cards, four times a year. There are also holo versions, reverse holo versions, full art versions and secret cards, which are not published. So if you are a collector, there are so many cards to collect. Trading cards, can be a fun past time as you seek out cards or certain combinations of card, honing your Negotiation Skills, as you seek out that great deal. So important to read A word of warning for Pokemon Parents for this one.

11 – Standard play (for competitions) allows cards from the last two years. This means that there are about 1600 cards available to build a deck of cards. This Deck Building, can be extremely complex, but allows discussions around cause and effect, balance, synergy and multiple purpose of cards. A great bunch of life skills.

12 – Of all the trading card games, and particularly the big 3, Pokemon has an element of Simplicity about it, allowing players to start enjoying the game from about 8 years old, but with enough Complexity to allow the game to remain interesting and to develop with the player as the years go on.

13 – Of the big 3 trading card games, Pokemon is also the cheapest, allowing a fairly cheap entry into the game, and a Relatively Cheap expansion as time goes on. So important to read A word of warning for Pokemon Parents for this one.

Ok, so you are still with me, and you think it is worth investing a bit more? Read Getting Started with TCG (Part 3 of 5)

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