Pokemon Cards? Help I am a parent! (Part 1 of 5)

The Pokemon (Pocket Monsters) franchise, pronounced Pok√©mon, is the biggest mixed media franchise in the world. It consists of video games, TV series, collectable cards, smartphone games and loads of merchandise to go with that. If that wasn’t confusing enough, it is also responsible for the random groups of people on the side of the road, all staring at their phones trying to catch or battle Pokemon in the “real world” using the Pokemon Go app.

So either your child has some cards, is talking about kids at school who have some, or is begging to get some and you have no clue where to start. Pokemon cards are collectable cards representing the monsters from the Pokemon universe. They are great quality cards, with awesome cartoon like artwork. There are various styles of artworks including different styles of holo cards, for holo – just think shiny.

Inteleon Pokemon card

While some people will just collect the cards because they “Gotta catch them all”, for us it is the Pokemon Trading Card Game (Pokemon TCG) that is the real allure of the cards. Aside from the artwork, the cards are filled with numerous numbers and descriptions, that seem to make no sense at all. Sadly while loads of people have the cards, many are ignorant of the game and it’s rules, and we believe are missing out a great opportunity.

Very simply the Pokemon Trading card game consists of a deck of 60 cards, with Pokemon, Energy and Trainers. Each turn you draw a card, play one energy, play trainer cards and end with an attack. The purpose of the game is to knock out six of the opponent’s Pokemon. Sounds simple enough, but each card has it’s own instructions which then adds levels of complexity and strategy that often confuses parents, especially when explained by your excitable 9 year old.

So if you think it is all a waste of time and money, perhaps you want to read Why we love Pokemon TGC – Reasons to play (Part 2 of 5)

If we, or someone else has convinced you, that your child’s Pokemon indulgence, might actually be something to be encouraged, then Getting Started with the Pokemon TCG (Part 3 of 5) might be worth a read.

So your child is now kitted out, Where can we play Pokemon TCG? (Part 4 of 5)

A word of warning for Pokemon Parents (Part 5 of 5) to avoid Pokemon Tears.

So what if my spouse, partner, or significant other is addicted to Pokemon TCG. That’s OK. It is not only for kids. If you can’t beat them, join them.

Loads of Pokemon Cards

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